Who We Are


PRACOND is a non-profit, apolitical environmental conservation association established on December 12, 2022, in accordance with Article 7 of Law No. 90/053 dated December 19, 1990, of the Republic of Cameroon, holding registration number No.046 ARDA/F.34/SAAJP. Our focus encompasses biodiversity conservation, sustainable forest management, community development, and the enhancement of livelihoods in Cameroon. We engage in collaborative efforts with local communities, establish partnerships with Cameroonian Universities, and foster stronger cooperation with international research institutions to safeguard the abundant biodiversity within Cameroon.


Our vision is to establish an environment in which local communities coexist harmoniously with biodiversity, engage in the sustainable utilization of biodiversity resources, preserve the natural surroundings, and integrate environmental laws seamlessly into the development programs of Cameroon.


Our mission is to conserve biodiversity by enhancing capacity, promoting the sustainable exploitation of natural resources among local communities residing around protected areas in Cameroon, improving their livelihoods, and fostering connections with national and international biodiversity conservation and research organizations.


We aim to foster sustainable development through research initiatives, the enhancement of community livelihoods, conservation education, and the development of human capital skills. We are dedicated to conserving Cameroon’s rich biodiversity, with a specific emphasis on threatened species. Additionally, we strive to promote participatory community development and ensure sustainability by improving the livelihoods of communities residing around protected areas in Cameroon.


  • To protect, restore and maintain Cameroon’s rich wildlife through research, biodiversity conservation, and education in its high-value conservation areas.
  • To improve community livelihood through sustainable agriculture and community development.
  • To build youth’s capacity and empower them in the education sector and techniques in monitoring and reporting biodiversity.
  • To promote networking with local, national, and international organizations to improve biodiversity research and conservation in Cameroon.

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