Who We Are

PRACOND is a non-profit and apolitical environmental conservation working on biodiversity conservation, sustainable forest management, community development, and livelihood improvement in Cameroon.

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What We Do

Our operational activities in Cameroon focus on environmental protection through research and conservation, environmental education, sustainable agriculture and livelihood improvement, and building citizens' capacity for climate adaptation and mitigation techniques.

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How We Work

Our approach involves engaging local communities in on-the-ground protection and monitoring of wildlife populations. We also foster alternative livelihoods, such as bee farming, poultry, and piggery, to reduce reliance on forest resources. We provide training on sustainable resource exploitation, emphasizing the protection of threatened species

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We work with forest dwelling communities through community mobilization and conservation education, engaging partnership with local government institutions and deepening cooperation with international organizations to conserve cameroons rich biodiversity

Motto: Linking Conservation and Livelihood for Tomorrow