How We Work

We work by:

  • ¬†Involving local community members in on-the-ground monitoring of the population status of wildlife in Cameroon’s protected areas
  • Developing alternative livelihood activities like bee farming, poultry, and piggery for local communities to divert pressure on forest resources
  • Offering training on sustainable resource exploitation practices by educating locals on which species are protected and the sustainable harvesting practices they should adopt
  • Building people’s capacity on novel methods of monitoring wildlife like wildlife camera trapping technique
  • Carrying out environmental education programs on sustainable natural resource exploitation practices and discouraging bush-meat consumption in local communities around Cameroon’s protected areas
  • Communication of research findings to the scientific community and the government of Cameroon
  • Organizing field trips with students to our targeted protected areas in Cameroon to expose them to field experience

Gathering data in the Kom-Wum Forest Reserve alongside a young adult from the Bu village community

Anti-poaching patrols with community eco-guards in Kom-Wum Forest Reserve


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