What We Do

Our operational activities in Cameroon’s protected areas are listed below.

1) Environmental Protection through Research and Conservation

  • Studying the ecology and behaviour of chimpanzees
  • Monitoring the population dynamics of monkeys
  • Studying human-wildlife interaction
  • Mapping abundance and distribution of pangolins
  • Conducting inventory on the abundance and distribution of herbivores
  • Verifying birdlife
  • Characterizing non-timber forest products
  • Determining plant composition, structure, and diversity

2)  Environmental  Education

  • Conservation awareness in forest communities on sustainable natural resource exploitation practices
  • Behavioural change campaigns to discourage bush-meat consumption in communities around protected areas
  • Installation of conservation education posters, billboards, and boundary signposts in communities around protected areas

3)  Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihood Improvement

  • Poultry, piggery, apiculture, and fish farming
  • Sustainable land-use practices
  • Food security

4) Capacity Building On

  • Novel camera trapping technique in monitoring wildlife
  • Global positioning systems (GPS) in monitoring wildlife in our targeted protected areas

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